Hello World & A Cross Compilation Survey

we are zw3rk, the haskell focused team at lichtzwerge.com. Our mission is to make haskell a viable platform for mobile development.

What does zw3rk stand for you might ask? It’s a simple play on words, combining the German word Zwerg (engl. dwarf/gnome) and Werk (engl. factory) with the almighty three!

The current state of ghc for mobile development (Android and iOS) via cross compilation is not as smooth as we’d like. Together with obsidian.systems we intend to improve the status quo considerably!

To kick this off, we have prepared a survey regarding cross compilation with ghc (not just for mobile development) and would like to invite you to help us understand the needs of the community better. Please follow this link to participate! Please note: the survey has ended on May 4th.

To keep up to date with the development, you can follow us here on medium, on github, or on twitter.